Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jacek's Book: Making the Book Clasps

Day Three

I plan to mount three clasps on this book. The main one, made of two pieces, on the fore edge and two smaller ones on the lateral sides. I wanted it like this mainly for the sake of the geometric composition but I also think it's good to have some sort of reinforcement of the cover on the longer sides of the book.

I made these out of 0.6mm (22 gauge) brass sheet that already had some nice patina on it.

First I cut the rough pieces with metal scissors. Then I make the drawing on them with a permanent marker. The decoration is what requires more patience and muscles... I only used a small metal saw and rasps of different size and shapes as I don't have any special electric tools for metalwork (yet...). 

The model is very simple, done by scratching, punching holes and making impressions into the metal (I hammered it using a nail).

Last step is to shape the clasps, pretty simple to do with a pliers for bending jewelry.

Tomorrow, the cover...


jacek said...

Really great Teo, I am very glad, it will be fantastic bookbinding on my book shelf!!!

Teo said...

Hahaa, I hope so Jacek! Thank you :)

deb said...

so in awe of your work!

Hollis G. said...

Your clasp is so inspiring! Well, it all is, but I'm trying to work more on my metalsmithing for books right now and I keep breaking the little saws. You make it look so easy! The book is to check out your other work. VERY inspiring and many thanks for sharing.

j@son said...

Great article! I'm working on a book now that needs a new clasp [the original was too small and unnecessarily squeezed the text block] This is a huge help!