Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Book Swap

I've been meaning to tell you about my friend Jacek Tylkowski and a very interesting project we are doing together. We actually know each other from the internet, but I tell you, he's one of the finest bookbinders out there whom I had the pleasure to meet. Imagine my surprise and excitement when he proposed me a book swap. We get to choose any book we want from our own country and turn it into a one of a kind binding which we then exchange between us. So we are on for January 15, when the book must be done and ready to meet with the other!

As you see, Jacek is already ahead of me - the developments are on his blog.

For now I only can show a little preview of what I chose for him - a book about books seemed somehow appropriate :)

More soon to come!


sarala said...

What fun!
Happy New Year to you and Rui!

Louise said...

How exciting for you! Wish I had time to do something like that! Can't wait to see it take form. :)

jacek said...

You are very kind and I am very happy for our exchange. I also hope that you will enjoy my-your final project of binding.

Adeline said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful project with us! I love the idea of friends sharing their talents and exchanging the fruits of their creative labor with each other. What a beautiful gesture :)

Teo said...

Thanks so much for your support and nice comments! I'm truly excited about this challenge and I hope this book will be one of the best I made so far :)