Monday, January 23, 2012

Jacek's Book: Finished!

Day five

... and the last day of work, although the book must still rest in the press for a few days before going away to its new home.

 Title is hand written - in translation, "Byzantine Manuscripts in Collections from Bucharest"

 Detail of the custom handmade brass book-clasps and painted edges

On the front cover, a small detail of a bestiary. Painting is done in egg tempera on golden leaf and varnished.

There are 15 blank page inserts with hand writing or hand painted decorative details on small pieces of handmade paper

Tomorrow I'll be back with photos of the book Jacek made for me. It's a gem.


jacek said...

On the end I say only WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!
It was great pleasure for me... Best wishes TEO!!!

Adeline said...

Beautiful, beautiful book, Teo! I love the bestiary painting! A true work of art, thanks for sharing the creative process with us :)

Sonya said...

Thank you so much for sharing.... just a quick question - what ink/method did you use to do the hand title on the leather?.. :D

Sonya said...

Ta. I'll check it out :o)

Teo said...

Thank you, thank you so much guys!!

Sonya, I used Tarrago leather dye, which is what I usually use when I need to paint details, small things like this. It's an aqueous, non-penetrating dye that forms a coating and works on pretty much all leather types. It's a Spanish manufacturer (I think) .

Mihai Vârtejaru said...

Absolutely stunning! I see you have a re-ocurring veggie motiffe for edge painting :D The letters are to die for, as well.