Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Trio

These are the three books that came out of my last paper staining session. Monday we will fill the garden with paper again, probably for the last time this summer.

My personal favorite book of the Trio is the one below. We call it scarface :-)
A new approach, definitely something I will want to play with again later on.

 Thanks to my friend Liviu who bought it fresh out of the press.


Adeline said...

oh what a charming Trio! I love the stitching detail on Scarface (perfect nickname, too :), but my favorite is the copper latticework one, it's at the top of my wishlist!

Louise said...

Just beautiful Teo, your signature range... Love scarface! I love it when books are personified. I feel like he is looking at me from behind his scar! ;D

elonweis said...

Seeing your books never ceases to inspire me. My fingers always itch with the urge to hold them and write in their pages. ^_^

Teo said...

♥ Thank you dear Adeline, Louise and Fei, I'm flattered by your kind words and grateful for your positive feedback on my bookbinding experiments!