Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coffee or Tea?

This was the question of the day while staining paper... coffee or tea? It was a great day - a mixture of paper, sisters, fun and lazy cats. At the end of the day it was unanimously decided that tea was the best choice for paper while coffee was better to drink :)

The most serious results of our work are yet to come, as the piles of aged paper are still in the press, waiting to get flat and ready to be bound.

More pics freshly uploaded on Flickr.


Baghy said...

It was so fun, sis :) Can't wait to do that again, as I already used half of my stained paper stash! I loved the experimenting part, rest assured that I wrote the recipe down for the ones that came out the best:
3 parts paper, 1 part coffee, 2 parts tea, 2 sisters, almost a cat paw print on one of the sheets, and lots of laugh and patience.

sarala said...

Of course you will show us what you make out of all that paper?

Adeline said...

this sounds like the perfect way to spend the last days of summer! I just checked out your flickr photos, and I love the images of tea&coffee-stained paper hanging from a clothesline and strewn across the grass. Simply beautiful! Good thing it wasn't a windy day!!

Louise said...

You are the tea-staining fairy, what a beautiful array of photographs, Ms Teo the model! Quite a picture you have painted, it's beautiful - all the paper! You lay yours on a line, I lay out mine flat on a table... I also have a plastic vessel similar! haha. I find the tea nicer, and if you add a dose of baking soda to it, the paper will remain archival. (I learned this from KarleighJae) I have also found that herb teas produce excellent results without the tannin. Red Bush tea or strong peppermint tea are good - if you can find it cheap! :D Thanks for sharing. xx

Teo said...

Anca! I already used all my stained paper! When will be the next session?

Shara, I got (only!) three books out of those papers. I'll post very very soon!

Adeline :) thank you! I thought exactly the same - to make the best out of the last days of summer!

Lou, thanks for the tips! But you are the tea-staining fairy and no one can compete with that :)

Baghy said...

Wouldn't it be nice that we would all live in the same area and gather to have a paper-staining party?

Teo, I must admin I finished aaall by myself the tea and coffee we bought together :) I'll restock, I promise, as soon as you let me know we'll be making paper staining round two :)

Teo said...

Oh yeah, that would be great! We could have a teastainingtime ;)

So you mean you finished all that huge pile of paper I left you with?! Oh my, you've been really productive!