Sunday, September 4, 2011

The making of a book

A quick sneak peek :)

It all starts with the paper... tearing it into pages, staining it and folding it into signatures.

Then comes the sewing of the book block. 

Followed by the gluing of the spine and rounding of the back. Like so it goes into the press over the night. Meanwhile all attention is directed to the making and the tooling of the cover.


For this hollow back binding the raised bands are attached directly onto the spine.


Then one of my favorite steps, selecting the endpages... Gluing them will attach
the book block to the cover.


And finally, the last touches. The decoration of the cover with black and gold leather paints.

And look, how wonderful it shows its tea stained pages when it's open.


Adeline said...

oh Teo, how I love seeing the process of your bookmaking! You put so much care, love, and attention to each step of the process! The final book is beautiful, as always :) And I have to add that I just visited your shop this morning and your new "Passage" book made my heart skip a beat!

Louise said...

Just a wonderful peak into your world Teo, thank you for sharing! Your books are absolutely **stunning**!!! Amoung the best on Etsy by a milestone!

Rebekah said...

Your books are so elegant Teo! Thanks for the little peek at your process. Owning one of your books is definitely on my wish list...they are such beautiful works of art!!

PonderandStitch said...

So beautiful, Teo!

Teo said...

I can't say how much I appreciate your feedback! Thanks guys!!

Gizecraft said...

Wow Teo,

Just reading, it seems like I could smell the beautiful scent of tea while turning the pages.

I love this idea. I bet when someone owns this book, they will be indulged in the zen of tea scent!

Big hugs flying your way!