Sunday, October 2, 2011

Books with Memory

Yesterday it was Saturday so I went to the fair. It was not a really good day, full of finds, but I got these three photos. They are from the beginning of the last century, all mounted on cardboard, not in perfect state but meanwhile I already cleaned them and they look great. I have been collecting old photos since many years and I've always felt moved by them. But these three got me thinking so I finally shaped an idea that was going through my head since a while now. I don't want to make just books, but to restore pieces of history and create books with a story to tell. Books that have character, that have soul. Books with memory.

It's not just a matter of incorporating old photos into my books - I played with this idea before and liked it very much, but this is more than that. It's about everything, the materials I use and have a story to tell, even the design itself. 

And so I embark in a new journey. A slightly different concept, not necessarily new but rather an evolved one. "Books with Memory" - another project,  perhaps another book shop. This is a big fear for any business, especially among the Etsy shops, but why not? I like to think that this is only the beginning. For me this might be just the right time.


Sr. Matumbo said...

Fotos antigas fazem-me sempre voltar a um passado que nunca vivi:)

Rui said...

Perhaps you will find more stuff in the next fair but these photos were a great find!

Louise said...

Sounds wonderful Teo, I look foward to seeing your beautiful creations. I just adore that gorgeous book you recently listed with the photo on it - to me it seems you had stumbled on something as it works so fluidly. Congratulations on 300 sales! :D

dióhéj said...

I'm happy, that I found your blog :)

really interestint!