Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Fair Finds. What a good day it was!

Yesterday morning when I heard the alarm clock ringing for the fair I was soooo sleepy so I decided better I don't go anywhere. Trying to go back to sleep I started to have all these images with great vintage bags and other people were buying them, and then the question: what if this week is THE week? Because very rarely, there are some amazing Saturdays when I find incredibly many things to buy, like the fair would know exactly what I need. So I decided to get up after all and go, and guess what, yesterday was one of those days!

A gorgeous suitcase full of stamps from where it traveled, 
from the customs and hotels in Europe

Two hand bags in pretty bad state but with healthy leather
and beautiful wear patina

It is precisely this type that I'm happy to find, because if I buy beautiful old things that are in good state I can't bring myself to use them as materials for my books, so I keep them for my "collection" which has already way too many bags.

I also found a very old frame and a few other metal hardware for my books. Then we went to "celebrate" the score with some grilled sardines which are very traditional from Portugal and sooo delicious!


paula said...

WOWOWOW that last case is beautiful! blue tones are amazing! its all fun, and the food looks delectable. glad you got yourself out there :)

sarala said...

Glad I didn't see that photo while I was fasting yesterday (Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur).
Love the bags. I'm so jealous of your markets. Although I'm no better about getting up on Saturday mornings!

Teo said...

I'm so glad you like my bags :)
Sardines were sooo good, I'm sorry I ate them without you. They're really popular and cheap, you almost can find them grilling at every street corner here. They are one of my favorite kind of fish. Shara, remember that day after the Port wine when I wanted us to eat them at that popular restaurant but they were finished? I was so disappointed :)

Baghy said...
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Louise said...

Teo, one day I would love to do exactly what you did this day, and be there too! It sounds like a perfect day to me. I love old flea markets and finding things, particularly the people that sell them and the stories that follow. I can't wait to see what you do with the travel bag with the stickers. It's gorgeous! Could you store all your journals in it and use it as a display?

Baghy said...

Oh, I love your finds... in less then a week we'll go together to the fare :) You know I just made a journal inspired by these kind of vintage luggage cases with stickers and everything... I must have dreamed the same dream as you! And the last bag... mmmmmm, its patina is so perfect! These suitcases are lucky to receive a new life as books!

C T said...

Tot ceea ce este vechi capata valoare!Geamantanul pare a fi de pe vremea cand se facea armata.