Saturday, September 11, 2010

The mystery that hides the nature

Yesterday one of my books was featured on Etsy's front page thanks to the gorgeous treasury above, made by the talented Evelyn from Sumikoshop. In fact, the entire collection was inspired by my book because of a very fun game that we're playing in our AG team (Artisan Gallery Team). The idea of the game is to make treasuries dedicated to each other so that everyone gets equally featured, this driving more traffic to our shops and increasing our sales. I did sell a book after yesterday's feature, so it looks to me like it's working!

Thank you Evelyn! If you get the chance do check her shop to see the wonderful jewelry she is making!


Baghy said...

It's such a pretty treasury... love the earthy woody tones and the cozy textures.. no wonder it got to the FP. Cool team to be part of - I can see from its blog its a creative fun group!

Louise said...

It's a gorgeous earthy treasury and your journal looks perfect! The tones are all so complimentary, so eye catching! Congratulations on another front page Teo! :D