Saturday, October 9, 2010

Playing and Writing

I’ve been in a little vacation for the past two weeks and neglected a bit my online presence, my blog and even my Etsy shop. But that was for good reasons--my sister visited me in Portugal so we were going to places and having fun. We also worked together on our bookbindings and made all kind of artistic experiments. It was great.
Here’s what we did one day, inspired by a book from 1893 which we bought at an antique fair in Porto. The book is huge and has hundreds of pages filled with beautiful handwriting about the accounting of a shop. I guess the person responsible to fill it should have had some calligraphic skills. Just imagine how much time was spent to write it!

The book really got us in the mood to play with text, so here’s how our calligraphy experiments came out:

Text written by my sister with a bamboo pen and brown ink 
on paper cream paper aged by hand.

Text written by me with the dip pen and china ink 
on recycled paper stained with acrylics.

Next days we also made handmade and decorative papers. It was fun!


sarala said...

Looks like fun. I love the old record book. I have a few old handwritten documents like that. I should scan them someday so you can see them.
Sounds like you and your sister are having a great time. Good for you!

Louise said...

Ok so I think I have figured out where to take my next vacation - your place! What a wonderful activity to indulge in, I love your results and what inspired you, and I am sure the hand behind the accounting book would have been watching from afar... smiling. :)

Teo said...

Oh my gosh, two weeks far from the computer and I really missed my online friends! Thanks so much guys, you are so nice!
Louise, that's a fabulous idea! I bet we would have some many things to do when we won't be at the flea markets :) You should definitely come!
Shara, I would love to see those handwritten papers! Last week I finally saw a hand-knocker at the fair but unfortunately it was over-painted and incomplete. It was not that nice. I'm still searching for the one that's just right for you :)

Joei Rhode Island said...

How wonderful to have a sister to ponder art and work together. Gorgeous pieces from wonderful inspiration.

paula said...

NO WAY. that is incredible!!!!
i'm jealous. you had a playmate ;)
unbelievable work you two...

Teo said...

Joei and Paula, thank you so much! Yes, I love working with her and wish we could do it more often. I always thought the best way to create is to have fun at the same time :)

Baghy said...

Oh, I already miss it... it was so fun to artistically play together! I am secretly perfecting my "old style handwriting" by myself, so beware next time I come, I'll show off my calligraphic skills :) It was indeed nice digging into your supplies and exchange cool ideas with you, sis :)