Friday, June 18, 2010

Frame Restoration, Part Two

Frame before and after restoration.

As promised I’m back with a few more pics from the restoration of another frame. This one is my favorite, I bought it in a fair about a year ago but I never got around to restoring it until now. The procedure was the same as here, except for the reintegration of the color as this frame is painted black over a layer of metal leaf.

Making the mold for the missing parts using plasticine.

Filling the mold with gypsum; Removing the pieces from the mold; 
Shaping the pieces to fit in the lacunas.

Fitting the pieces onto the frame; 
Filling the fissures created between the added parts.

Detail of the remade ornament; Sealing the surface with shellac.

Cleaning and varnishing the frame.

 Applying color according to the original surface: over the metal leaf (left) and directly on the new surface (right).

Frame after restoration.

After finishing the frame I painted this small copy of a byzantine image that represents the Thrones (angels of Third Order). I like very much this representation but mostly I wanted to have a better reason to hang the frame on the wall besides the restoration itself.

And last but not least, the artist at work :)


paula said...

now did i know you painted too? NO i did not! i know you could be selling this you know where :)
always impressed to learn more about your world. you are a master(ess)at your craft!

Joei Rhode Island said...

wonderful restoration. Very nice to see the "artist at work"