Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last week my boyfriend had to go away for a few days to a meeting. I love when he goes on his trips for two reasons. First, I get to have the house all to myself for some time and second... he always brings me something nice and special from his trips. These wonders came from a street fair in Brussels. The leather suitcase is simply breathtaking, and the bottle… so peculiar! I’ve never seen such a thing before, does anyone know what this glass bottle dressed in leather was used for? Unfortunately it does not have a top anymore.
So maybe there are others who like to receive more girly girl stuff, like perfume for example, but that’s me, and nothing else would have made me happier :) Although yeah, some chocolate would also have been good…


Baghy said...

These look so cool, they must have an interesting story to tell! I bet a cork stopper would go great with that bottle. Nice pic, by the way!

paula said...

you know it! no girly girly for me either. if my guy gave me flowers i would vomit.
give me found objects...wood, metal...who needs crap from a store?
love the bottle! glad you got you time and then gifts too!