Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being on vacation I have time to work at a comfortable pace and take care of some ideas I've been having for quite some time. Here are some pics of a series of three books with miniature paintings on the front cover. I really enjoy to spend time working on tiny details like these.

It wasn't easy to let them go but it makes me happy that they're in the best hands
and I know they will be treasured.


A few details during the making



Baghy said...

Oh I love these, such precious detailed... They look like taken from a medieval scribe's collection.
Are you going to make more books in this style?
I haven't seen anything like this.

Teo said...

:D thank you! For now I don't think I'll make more in this series but it's certainly a theme that I deeply enjoy and I'll return to in the future.

Louise said...

These are sooo beautiful! xx

Louise said...

have they all sold??

Teo said...

:) Yes, but not together. The Leaves went one way, the Bird and the Eyes went another. But I'm very happy because they now belong to wonderful people.