Saturday, January 25, 2014

Luring the Muse

My sister saw me doodling the other day on a piece of paper and asked me, raising an eyebrow: "Teo, what are you doing, are you working with non lucrative purposes?" :) I told her "But of course, I'm playing!" It's something I deeply appreciate in my life, it stimulates my creativity and it keeps me sane in stressful situations. And sometimes, when the outcome is not that bad, I release it into the world (wide web) for like-minded people to see it.

Here's a project I'm playing with in my free time - first with the ideas, then with the text and the drawings, later on with the book concept and design... hum, who knows when it will come to its completion, but it doesn't matter. It's set aside for the days I need an inspiration boost, as creativity is always powered by fun, games, doing something different. You know... muses don't just drop by if you sit and wait, they have to find you playing!

My version of Pablo Neruda's "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair", during the making



Baghy said...

A fun thing a day keeps the boredom away!
This seems like an interesting project, I love Pablo Neruda!
*eyebrow down*
Tee-hee :)

Louise said...

Absolutely beautiful! You are a multi talented artist, lovely Teo! :)

Dimitris K. said...

Looks wonderful Teo, for once more it becomes apparent how manifold your creativity is!
If only poetry was published more in such a format... People often avoid it because they feel it's either solemn or daydreaming gibberish. I think such a presentation can make it easier for someone to immerse in the poem.
You might think you're luring the muse but in the end you might be luring people to pick up poets!

(Serious face-) In any case I want a copy.

Teo said...

:) Thanks guys! I have such wonderful friends. I'm grateful!

Dimitri, this definitely is the result of my "immersion" in the poems. They're so powerful daydreaming becomes involuntary :) I'm just making if for me, it's so 'handmade' that I never thought it would worth to put out a series of such book. But if you want a copy I'll be very happy to make one for you. When, and if it will come to its completion :)

huhu said...

I love poems too:) The first book I have made was a book of poems.Actually,It is my love of poems lead me to the world of bookbinding.Please show more pictures to us when you finish it:D


Teo said...

That's nice, Huhu! I'd love to see the first book that you made. I hope you still have it! Hugs xo