Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two in One! Bookbinding Press


I got this beauty last summer in Romania from Mihai, a bookbinder friend. Being away until now, I haven't had the chance to properly test it, but the last few days I did so and I have to say that I love it! It combines two essential pieces of equipment for bookbinding, the lying press and the standing press. It also comes with two boards with beveled edges which makes it good for backing.

This type of press, the jobbacker, is usually made of iron which makes it a heavy equipment, but mine is made of wood and is quite light (for which I could bring it in my apartment). I confess at first I was a bit concerned about its stability but it actually proved to be very well made and perfectly stable even when filled at maximum capacity in vertical position. Hooray for Mr. Adrian Ghetea who made it for me. I'm very happy with it and grateful to Mihai for hooking me up with it.

For the locals who might be fancying one of their own, please check Mihai's blog because a similar press is still available for sale.

And while at it, please don't forget to check out Mihai's work, it's impressive!



Mihai Vârtejaru said...

Thank you! That s very kind of you :D
Good luck using it, and have fun!

Louise said...

This is just an amazing contraption. I'm most envious! It's going to become part of your soul in your new little shoppe, wonderful gift to yourself Teo! Honour thyself, I have been telling myself this! And one needs the right tools for the trade. Your work is beautiful and it's wonderful to have you back blogging. :) x said...

I got a old book press from my brother and tried making books. I now have a much better appreciation for the time and expertise it takes to make a well crafted book. Your books are amazing I envy your talent.