Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm Back!

My holidays are not yet over, but I missed my books so much that I couldn't enjoy another day without binding something :) So here I am, having a wonderful summer, spending time with my family and doing what I love most: books. This time, in a joint adventure with my sister!


So many new books... soon to be listed in the shop!


Louise said...

Wonderful that you are back Teo! I've so missed seeing your beautiful creations. Can't wait to see what travel inspirations appear in your shoppe. Love Lou xox

Adeline said...

So good to see back, Teo, and can't wait to see your new beauties in your shop! A letter should be on its way to you, xoxo

Dimitris said...

Great work Teo, and great picture setting, it's obvious you haven't been idle in the summer! I've sent you mail at your contact address. Give it a look, I'd like to hear your thoughts!