Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Legend

I just finished this book. Tooling was pretty hard on the hands but I feel it's well worth it :)

And a little sneak peek into the tooling process...

Finally, a little confession - I almost never sketch out my cover design before hand. I plan it in my head and adapt it as I go. But this time I needed some guidelines, so I used this paper adhesive tape which proved kind of useful, especially because it was looking so cool while ungluing. Gave me book art ideas... for the future! 


Adeline said...

Absolutely stunning, Teo! The color of the leather is gorgeous, and I love the tooling (especially the behind-the-scenes peek at how you got all the leaves to line up so perfectly!). You never cease to amaze me, my dear :)

Dimitris Kouts. said...

Lovely, and I think I'm guessing what design ideas the tape gave you!
Beautiful endpapers by the way!

PS-Tooling repeated motives never goes easy on the hands. I remember a time my right side became useless after an intensive 2 day tooling of the sort. Feel you there Teo!

Louise said...

Absolutely stunning work Teo! I love this book so much.