Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New and Old Tools

I haven't been posting much lately as I've been completely swamped with work. I did however found a bit of time to purchase some new and old tools. Now, must find time to put them to good use.

 Early 1800's finishing tools, scored on Ebay

 Beautiful set of old tools from a flea market in Porto

Finishing tools from Tom Mc Ewan,
and styluses and brass band nippers from Dimitris Koutsipetsidis

I'm very happy with all these and normally want more!


Dimitris Kouts. said...

Great findings Teo, as always!

The smoother face older tools have acquired through time/use is a great characteristic which allows great impressions when tooling. Tools have memory, they "remember" what they're supposed to do after a while and continuous use gives them a shape more suited to their purpose as time goes by.
On the other hand nothing beats the feeling of getting to hold a brand new shinny decorative tool!

I'm sure the tools, old and new, have found a great home!

Ps1-Any news on that lead font guy?
Ps2-Is there a way of subscribing to you besides FB? I don't (note won't) have an account!

Teo said...

Hi Dimitris! I really love my stylus set and got used with the handle shape perfectly. I wish now all my tools had that type of handle. And the wood is so beautiful!

I went to visit the guy with the letterpress types but he was not ready to sell yet. I'm not giving up though :) I'm going back in a few weeks. I took photos and I'll post them on the blog soon.

I have no idea how you can subscribe, maybe add me to your reading list in Google reader or some similar feature in wordpress? I'm really behind with all these... FB is definitely a struggle!

Mihai Vârtejaru said...

Great finds! Can you put up pics with the faces of the tools, for greater detail? I even collect photos of tools, both old and new!

Baghy said...

Oh, wow! So nice... I know how it feels to get new tools for your craft. Congrats, looking forward to see what you make with them!