Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday's Fair Finds!

Today was a good day :) I got this box of goodies, not a common find at all at the flea market. And it seems that there are more where this came from. I'm going directly to the source next week to check them out. Can't wait!

The question is ... what font is this? And ... is that a question mark in the end? It was the only symbol that appeared like it. A bit strange but I love it anyway!



Dimitris Koutsipetsidis said...

Damn those amazing flea markets that can be found anywhere in the world except Greece! The only thing you'll find in our flea markets is lame clothing from the 80's and b-rated movies...again from the 80's!

Amazing find Teo!Is it just color or verdigris on the type faces? Might need to take some action in the second case.
Plenty of pics and prices from the source please, there's a chance others might want to order a thing or two...!

Teo said...

Thanks Dimitris! I somehow imagined that in Greece there would be plenty of art at the flea market, such as icons and other gorgeous antiques. I dream about scouring the flea markets all across Europe, at least :)

I'll take pics of the types when I go see them, on Saturday!



You are an expert in getting the best materials! You know what you need because you are a true artist.
I would love to get those. I am going to Hong Kong to buy them.
Miss the flea markets!

Ana [Arte e Luar] said...

Where did you find those?
I'm so jealous. :)
I've been eyeing those at various online places, but I just know that buying out of Portugal would make them much to expensive!
Oh well, maybe I'll have the same luck as you at some point! :)

Louise said...

These are absolutely amazing! Your antennas must have been way up high at this flea market, how marvellous the two of you got to go home together! Can't wait to see what comes of this. I have no idea what font it is! Although it looks like something simple, like Arial, but the A is different. Yet being antique, the modern fonts we see today will be different. Your blog post did not show up in my reading list! I would have responded earlier, I am not sure why this happened. xx

Scott C said...

Hi! Here's a really useful site for identifying fonts... you can upload a picture and it will try to work it out!