Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1st Artist Book!

I am a bit late at posting this but here it is - my first artist book - "Walk with a Blind Man" by Razvan Supuran.

The project took place in November last year at Atelierul de Carte from the Romanian Peasant Museum. I first went there to learn how to make handmade paper but the idea of making a book with Razvan was immediately born. The book was written by him, and illustrated and hand-bound by me. It was printed on handmade recycled paper and published in a small edition of 30 copies. We made it in a record time of three weeks which was only possible due to the joined efforts of the Atelier's wonderful team. I'm grateful to Razvan for giving me this opportunity, I learned many things from him and was inspired by his creative spirit. This project came into being thanks to two other people who put a great deal of effort and time into it - Catalin Buzoianu, who produced each beautiful sheet of paper in this book and Raluca Popescu, who printed it out. The fun atmosphere, the inspiring space, everything contributed in a way to the making of this book. I had a wonderful time, it was truly a great experience. So thank you, guys!

Here are some photos during the making :-)

Sketching sketching sketching... I kind of lost my practice at it!

Catalin teaching me how to make paper. Awesome!

The atelier with Alex and Raluca at work

Paper drying

All printed and ready to be bound

All bound and ready to be cased in

Working, cold November at the museum :-)

Stacked, awaiting for the hole

 Binding around the hole - not as easy as I thought!

All piled up and waiting for the letterpress printing

 Letterpress block for printing the cover - Razvan made magic with this one!

Fresh out of the press. Razvan evaluating.

And finally, the book!

I see :-) 

More pics of the book on Flickr and Facebook, and now the book is available in my Etsy shop!


Louise said...

Very beautiful work Teo, just wonderful - I loved reading all about this - thank you for taking the time to document it so well and detailing how this was made. It's just a sheer blissful joy to read. I will wait for it to be listed in your shoppe.... I can't wait to see the response! You are such a talented wonderful artist!! I'm grateful to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime of ours. xox

Rosa Phoenix said...

Fantastic! What a wonderful work of art.

Adeline said...

What a beautiful, wonderful experience this must have been for you to collaborate with other talented artists like yourself! Thank you so much for sharing such inspiring photos of the process, it was a joy to read and such a visual treat!

Baghy said...

Nothing more inspiring than to see artists at work! Lovely post, awesome art book. Congrats!

Claire said...

just wonderful to see this coming into being...
will you have any more in your shop? or have all 30 copies sold already?

Teo said...

Thank you dear friends. Love receiving your feedback!

I haven't sell all of them yet :) I will keep listing them in my Etsy shop during the next weeks.

Here is one available right now:

Thank you very much for your interest, Claire!

Mihai Vârtejaru said...

I m in love with your workshop!!!!

And the stuff you do.. wow!

Teo said...

Mihai, I wish that workshop was mine... the space is huge! That is Razvan's atelier of handmade paper from the National Peasant Museum in Bucharest. You should go visit one day.