Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Presents from Great Friends

Here’s what I recently received from two of my friends :) Could any surprise be better for me than vintage leather? I don’t think so! 
The piece of leather is coming from a vintage chair and was offered to me by José, my leather mentor :) It is recovered from an old family chair which he upholstered. It’s a big piece but I’ll use it for only one book, a really special one.

The book cover below is almost 150 years old. I got it from a very good friend of mine who was my colleague in high school. He recently visited me and liked my books so much that offered me this cover. The story behind it is quite interesting, as he got it from an orthodox priest who commissioned him to paint some icons for his church. At the end he offered this cover to my friend, which he kept but never knew what to do with it until he saw my books. I, on the contrary, knew what I want to make with it from the first moment I saw it. I’ll restore it and use it with my first real art book. I’m dreaming and designing this book in my head since more than one year.

Thank you to my great friends for these inspired presents and their support! It means so much to me! I'll be back with photos of the work in progress.



paula said...

that is some gift :) whoohoo!

Adeline said...

oh my, what beautiful leather! I can't wait to see what you will create from these two amazing pieces :)

Louise said...

Wow Teo! This is wonderful. You have met the perfect friend! It IS destiny! This leather is just beautiful and now it is in the right hands. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations!

Rosa Phoenix said...

Beautiful...want to see what you do with these pieces.