Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gold and Silver Touches

Two books I recently finished. I indulge myself from time to time in the use of metal fittings. What a delight... a touch of old, a touch of silver or of gold.


sarala said...

Teo, your books are lovely as ever. And each one is different from the previous.

Dimitris K. said...

Oh my, these are marvelous!
They remind me of the conversation we had over email- this is what I consider proper vintage journal bindings; They emit a genuine "oldie" feeling without exaggeration while also having unique character, thus avoiding to just imitate the classic look.
There's always balance in your bindings Teo, everything feels right about them!

Amanda Heigel said...

Where do you find your metal fixtures? I can't seem to find any. I love the corner pieces!

Richard Norman said...

Where did you get the antique looking brass corners for this nice book?


Teo said...

Hi Amanda and Norman! I apologize for my late reply, I haven't seen your comments in time. I'm always on the look for book furniture or pieces that can be used as such. I find them anywhere from flea markets to online marketplaces. The brass corners were a great find, I got them from Etsy and I was told they are the remains of the stock of a books craft shop from Germany that closed in 1950. Unfortunately they only had a few pieces left. Should anyone find anything similar, I'd also love to know!