Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Surprise in the Mail!

She did it again!!! My wonderful sister Anca always manages to surprise me with something :) I just could not believe when I received in the mail these fabulous metal letters. It's my first letters set, and what better fit for my books other than Old English style.

She got them from Corinne at 6catsVintage. Her shop is closed at the moment but make sure to check back when she opens for a variety of vintage bookbinding goodies!

Thanks so much sis!! You're the BEST! xxx


Baghy said...

Oooh, sweet! I am so happy when I get the right gift :) These letters are very lucky to become such a creative tool in your hands! I think it's great to work with vintage tools, it's like they already have a certain magic, a bit of the pre-owner personality, sweat and elbow grease in them. Your unique journals do deserve a unique incentive :)
Unique for Unique :)) (inside joke)

sarala said...

So how to you get such a tidy impression from the stamps? Love the letters btw.

Teo said...

The impression is made by stamping - choose the letters, position them all together, put typographic ink, place them on the leather and get them into the press. Make maximum pressure and voila! Without the ink the impression is just as nice but natural color like the rest of the leather, which is also a very cool effect.

Teo said...

Normally there is a type holder that keeps the letters together but I don't have it... Any more surprises, Anca? Heheheee ;)

Dimitris Koutsipetsidis said...

Jealous!Those are lovely!
I wish I had a more spirited font for my bindings but time was pressing when I was in search for letters and more or less I got what I was looking for.
Put'em to good use Teo!

ana pina said...

Beautiful set indeed :)
I loved to see your wonderful work live at CRU inauguration, congratulations!

Teo said...

Thanks guys!

Dimitris, I actually love your font. Very simple and clean. What's it called? Tomorrow I hope to buy more four sets. We will see :)

Ana!! Today I discovered your website and LOVED it! I'm saving one of these days to do some serious reading on your blog. Hope to meet you at CRU sometime soon!

Dimitris Koutsipetsidis said...

It's called "Akropoleos" which means "of the Akropolis".It was a font widely used in newspapers during the first half of the last century thus the simple-clean look.
But I could do with a perkier font,one can never have too many!
Hope you find some nice ones!

PS-If you decide to heat tool them always wear a mask.Led letters produce dangerous substances when heated.

Baghy said...

haha, nope, nothing like a type-holder up my sleeve I'm afraid :)

Mihai Vârtejaru said...

Lucky!!! Fantastic letters!

I can t believe I didn t realise I did not have you in the link section. I could ve sworn I did. anyway, problem fixed, your blog is linked.