Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Temptation of Handmade Paper

Last week I went to see the atelier of Razvan Supuran, Romanian artist who makes paper by  hand. Or better yet, craftsman, as he considers himself. It was a fascinating experience. From the moment you enter the door of his atelier time seems to slow down. In a world of technology, there it's an island of peace and imagination that gives a different quality to life.

At the Romanian Peasant Museum, Razvan and his team make more than paper. They make art from it. They do printing, bookbinding, book art and much more. The best part is, you can just take your ideas and go there. For sure you will find a way to make them come real.

"Craft is learned and carried on. You give to others.

This is how the Book Atelier started. An idea continued with another, a hand came to help the other and the first papers started to show up: born from vegetables or reborn from their  recycled sisters. With respect, patience, joy. Through the practice of handmade paper."

 I confess, sticking my hands into the paper pulp felt utterly delicious.

I got home that evening with a pile of delicious handmade paper. I wanted to keep it for something special. But then I wanted to see how it folds. Then how it tears. Then how it is sewed. And in that same evening it turned into a book :)



Baghy said...

So inspiring... it's great that places like that one still exists, and people passionate enough to carry the traditional techniques on!

Please don't forget you promised me some of that paper... hope you didn't used it all for your book! Although I admit, you've put it to very good use :)

Louise said...

Just absolutely wonderful, sends chills up my spine, I can almost smell it and feel it in my hands! What a fantastic experience. I made paper once, probably also the first time I bound a book, a long time ago now, when I was just 19. Would love to try it again. Your book is beautiful Teo!

Adeline said...

how beautiful! I love the smell and texture of handmade paper, even the sound of turning pages is so special too. Your book is just gorgeous :)

fluffbuff said...

Very beautiful throughout: cover, photograph, handmade paper…

By the way, where do you get the paper with the Provençal flower print?

Teo said...

Thank you for your comment. The decorative paper with blue flower pattern is made by Rossi in Italy, I believe they have distributors all around the world.