Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sis!!!

Ok, I know it's not very imaginative from one bookbinder to another, but this year your present is nothing else but a journal :) Still, I wanted it to be special so I made it with handmade paste paper covers and leather spine. You can imagine that it also has a chip in there somewhere so I can track it anytime ;) just like in our childhood, only a bit more sophisticated :)

Happy Birthday dear sis! I miss you and love you very much!!!


Baghy said...

ohhhh :) thank youuuuuuu! love it so much, I was secretly hoping you would give me one of your beauties :)
I will only write good stuff about you in it (the chip...)
Thanks for celebrating me on your blog, now the world knows and on my next birthday the will be able to prepare the presents in advance :D

Sharing a virtual piece of the tiramisu birthday cake with you (it's yummy, you can take my word for it!)

love youuuuuuu

sarala said...

Can you adopt me? Then maybe I'd get a book for my birthday.
Just kidding. You are lucky to have a sister. I'm stuck with a brother and two sons. Too many males.