Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unusual books

Lately I've been haunted by the idea of elongated books. I'm trying out new proportions, stretching, distorting, searching for the unusual. The idea came to me after seeing a book with uncommon dimensions in the collection of a friend. It was a prayer book, slender and long as it was meant to be hold in the hand. It felt really pleasant and special to have it in my hand so I instantly wanted to create one like it.

A book made out of a vintage glasses case.

Another, made of some very cracky old leather.

And here's one I just finished. My favorite so far, and pretty unusual I'd say.

This last is made of old leather from a Portuguese chair. I had only a small piece which I got from a friend  and used it as it was. It has beautiful irregular edges and the circles are marks left by the nails used in upholstery.

I'm going to play again with this idea for sure. Perhaps try something on horizontal, don't know yet. I like them as objects but can't help to wonder, are they practical too? I haven't tried one like this yet, so I might just go ahead and keep one for myself...  


Adeline said...

I love this elongated shape, so original! I think it's completely functional and practical... for some reason, I envision it as being perfect for long lists :) The embossed Celtic motif is gorgeous, I'm smitten!

Louise said...

These are beautiful Teo, did you really take apart a chair? I'd love to see some images of that. The leather has incredible detail and rusticity, beautiful. I'm sure someone will be over the moon to write in one of these. xx

Teo said...

:) Indeed great for long lists, Adeline! haha!!

Louise, nooo :) I did not take apart the chair! It was given to me by my friend who had to repair it for a client. The leather sit was completely broken in two parts and had to be replaced. So I got lucky this way :) I don't know if he took any photos, but I'll ask :)

Glad to know you both like them! xoxo

karla said...

very cool .. these are so ancient looking. you'd think they came from long, long ago. beautiful artistry Teo!