Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Teeny-Tiny Library

Lately I've been working on large books, on a larger scale. Tonight I've just finished ten books which are going to London. I'm pretty tired and look forward to my holiday which luckily starts early this year, on 4th of December. I'll close my shop for a while and focus on new (book) projects and designs.

But for a change, here is my teeny-tiny library. I've been working on it in between the large book orders. I still have a lot to fill :)


Louise said...

Just gorgeous Teo! I also have a teeny tiny library, but mine are little soft cover journals! I keep taking some out then I replace them again.... I look forward to seeing the updates to your beautiful store. :)

paula said...

anything teeny tiny is kind of fascinating and i dig how you display your library :) i look forward to your break being over and you working on new!
have a good vacation...its just 'round the corner

Adeline said...

What a perfect teeny tiny library!! I love the way you displayed your beautiful collection of books :) wishing you a happy holiday vacation! xo