Friday, August 20, 2010

The Silver Book

Very rarely I make a custom order in Etsy. It’s quite difficult because I like to have my liberty of creating and most of the times it’s the vintage materials that I work with that define the aspect of my books. But I do agree to make a custom book when I really like the idea of the customer. In this case, the request was quite a challenge as I never made such a big book before: 9 cm. thickness, a book with black leather cover and silver fittings and lock.

The owner is such a wonderful person who totally trusted my choices and suggestions, so I really enjoyed collaborating with her on this joint project. I’m really glad that the book is in such good hands as hers – just take a look at the pic below, how wonderful it looks arrived at home!


paula said...

wow teo, that is one chunky book of goodness! beautiful work and congrats on the custom order and it working out so well!

Louise said...

What an amazing feat! That is one challenging book and it's really so beautiful. Your customer chose wisely - you have made an outstanding piece of art!

Durendal said...

Where did you find the lock? It's just looking amazing!