Monday, January 11, 2010

Amazing Vintage Finds

Bucharest is a great place to go on trips looking for vintage stuff. That’s what I’m doing while here, and look at the treasures I found this Saturday at the flea market!


paula said...

wowowow the one on the left looks PRICELESS. hey can we have pictures more pictures of Bucharest and storefronts? :)

Teo said...

Thank you Paula! I agree with you, the bag it's amazing :)

Great idea, I would be happy to take some photos of Bucharest for the blog. I didn't think it would be interesting but indeed there are some nice places to photograph. I'll do it this week, promise!

Carol said...

Photos of Bucharest would be great to see, and especially of the markets. You obviously have a really good eye for vintage materials. Greetings from very, very hot Sydney, Australia. No snow here.